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How to rethink an odd smell as mischievous

take Ronove, for example, a Marquis and Great Earl of the underworld. He teaches Rhetoric, languages, debating and gives good and loyal servants the favor of boot and lash. He is suspected to be a taker of old souls; coming to earth to harvest souls of decrepit humans, overfed pets, and the chronically slack-jawed. He can alter objects in your pockets, shorten the left leg of a charging enemy, and is disarmingly talkative and friendly all the while. He is modest and will only take what he can safely consume in a sitting. He is a devotee of fire and caustics and specializes in multi-tonal displays. He emits much peripheral gaseous noise and tries to disguise this with chants and incantations, often switching languages mid-syllable. He is often depicted as inquisitive with a hand cocked to his ear, and sometimes iconized as a single goat head surrounded by a radial array of 5 goat legs. All who claim to have endured him recount an odor of true Ceylon cinnamon and toluene, but can offer no real proof beyond the anecdotal.