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True blue


Awake three years then sleeping; but even this would be unceremoniously ended, almost as it began, on that abandoned mattress out in that field where some of the kids go. A shell no more or no less than the spent condoms and bottles, parasites furrowing in abandoned sugars and heat. The night was hot and dry and then morning came and with it a light rain. By the time they came across her the next morning  a downpour had come and gone and with it all incidentals of her undoing.  They folded the mattress up like a taco and just carried her off. You could hear the sound of their efforts for a little while, and then they were lost in the vegetation and the sound of birds finally resumed.

In several days the dull oxidized seep reached the firepit potash and was touched off with carminic acid from the legs of a local cochineal and it was utterly transformed into a brilliant prussian blue.