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Skull & Vines


When he was difficult she would take the long needle
And work into his back between the shoulder blades
And hang signs from it like
‘Challenged’ or ‘Bitchy’ or

‘Sleepy just now’

Sometimes she would pluck the needle and it would
Resonate in his heart and he would smile
Before he passed out

And hit his head on the coffee table

When he woke she would be knitting booties or
A long long scarf because winter was always near by
And she did her best to be good to him though

It wasn’t always easy to see this

But for her the choices were clear, like
Eat the old eggs first or
You aren’t entitled to good beer today or (better still)

Toast makes a perfectly good birthday present

This goes on for many many years and

The paint dulls in the bathroom and the

Coffee table goes out of round yet at least

She still lets one scar heal before moving on