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Irrinet, the hard returns


Sourced. I sourced a piece of thin clean cotton batting at the hardware store. It has some sticky vinyl paper on it and I applied it to my sucking chest wound but it was way too small and it ended up embedded in my sinuses.

Price point. Help! I’m looking for some respectful whores at the $10 pricepoint.

Apostrophe s for plural or to modify verbs, e.g. He run’s a company that only employ kid’s- the whole situation in fact is ripe for some hard-hitting blogulism.

[The term  ‘Botulism’ comes from the Latin for  sausage. ‘Blog’  reminds me of a link. ‘Journalism”s origins in the Latin for ‘daily’ doesn’t fit, but a ‘daily sausage link’ does sound both tasty and terrifying.]

i.e for e.g. Allow me to clarify: we only employ kids , i.e. goats or wethers of unusually small proportion. Even dead, they still need to be able to fit in certain boxes, e.g. ones that fit easily in the overhead compartment, or that can be shipped without bulky fees.

 Stunning. Stunning capture. Stunning themes and use of geometry in those images.

[Extra points for capture. And image. That’s a stunning, fuckingly good image you captured.]

{Less points for ‘fuckingly’}

And popping contrast. The contrast in those cat candids really pops!

Brilliant. e.g. Fred#1: Why not just use a sharpened paper clip when you want to edit your eyelid tattoos?

Fred #2: Brilliant! Thanks!

Google translate emails: “I very your blog sometimes, then happened the pictures- why? You do, in fact, sometimes do work. Bestly, Ferge.”