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The resonance of a vented sphere



A BBb tuba is about 32′ long and averages 4″ in diameter
Easier to just fill it up rather that calculate, but
A one-foot section can hold roughly a quart – a carton of milk- so I’m guessing a healthy contrabass could hold about 10 gallons of milk
A one-foot section is also the saddest sound I know,
Approximately 29 hertz of  ‘Thanks for killing time with a loved one’
Practice is neither popular or noble
all I ask is you vacate high to low, and not hot to cold
Calculate the velocity of your favorite woodwind in the tuba’s voice,  and seduce the room
Buffeting cheek, brimming eye, and homorhythm-stuffed robes will keep the better drafts and revisions out
and your bare knee might amplify all the room’s privileged tones.