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The internet lost & found




Nights,  some weekends

Self-mobility and drive to climb out of  my own descending
focus, sub 16″ and counting



(excluding porn)

A thirst for contesting insignificant details
Benign Essential Tremor/ Blepharospasm
Actual terms where benign and essential are used together
Most of my best friends are aliases
Most of my best features are  ailments
the symptoms for everything
The cure for nothing
(the updated ‘cost of everything but the value of nothing’?)

Hey- how many sphincters do I have? 50 (I think- only checked the 1st of 3.8 million hits then lost interest)
89,300 hits for ‘rhymes with sphincter’ (but no actual good rhymes with sphincter)
[Note to self: add ‘Interest’ to Lost column]

But as long as were on the subject ‘sphincter’ is neither ailment, best feature, nor insignificant detail
and mine aren’t yet lost, or found, on the internet