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Month: July 2015

Moderate risk waste facility


I’ve decided to donate my thumbs to science
useless as they are, they may find distinction as a novelty,
maybe a conversation starter
Nice thumbs…any¬† phantom pain ?

I’ve never known anyone that collected body parts, or even found them interesting,
or tailored conversations to suit, but who knows what people really desire?
Society used to get much more mileage from parts
Scalps, dried ears pressed in a ledger. Heathen scapulars. Trophies. Or a maybe just a receipt tendered
when all conversation is spent.

My topological undoing will be vaguely different, and may enjoy distinction as a warning to others
Less risk means less interest, and more regret
When the waste is segmented into several joints there is no articulation
but it still speaks when there is nothing left to say