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Month: December 2011

On marrying outside the species

When we get warm
to the idea of an actual first date
not like the last pile-
more distinct,
and sober-er-
no spontaneous darkness
and no dry-humping the change in your pocket.

I promise WE will walk as proud as any regular,
you know, pair
our place in society not just in
textbooks now

We we get to
the unavoidable ceremony, no Goddamn Whining
and no written vows- nothing that would not otherwise flow at gunpoint, sputtering
like a totalitarian lashed to a redleather chair
preserved on beta video, and tortured with the sound turned down

When we get to children
there will be unspoken agreements, compromises, flaps in pajamas
money saved for bribes and corrective surgery
and we will change their names yearly, or whenever
we replace them with kids that are more like us
or just like us more

when we get to
the funeral
I will finally be free to be myself-
but more details as situations warrant
and we won’t really need to see that far anyway