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Month: May 2011

Pig diptych


He made a tribute to himself out of a stepladder and lawn ornament
and a wilted space about which once was leafy, and was once bright
TheĀ general thrust of if was adequate in his own eye but
only the dawdlers and hangers-on would stumble up to meet it

A woman he admired did not loiter at the tribute,
But she did crush a cigarette with a canvas sneaker
while she moved her bag to the other shoulder
and pulled her chained dog closer to her
as if to tell it not to meet him in the eye-
or to even let it read the commemorative plaque:

My ideas of late like the flight of an iron pig
day-to-day speech patterns
chipping cement and leaving rust stains
and crushing the feet of passers-by;
I’ve only made this tribute taller because
I haven’t the talent to make it any better



Some mad engine in the night
coughing and jumping out of it’s rust to
die in a half-dug furrow;
the balance of the dirt not planted with any other notion but
a deep new uselessness tilled in with the stones left there
like abandoned teeth fractured on a parasomniac’s stroll
or balls passed out after a night out on their own
Outpacing the slow wave sleep
even at a knuckle’s gait- at this hour it’s all even up
Dogs barking like mad because nothing is in color
rabid pastiche in orange anger
night wrung of all tone and form
salt wrung from the skin and leaving damask cyphers on your pillow
like the shorthand of murmurs tapped through a tenement wall