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Month: April 2011

The numberless perfection of a circle

Night project;
Rebuild your jaw with commercial ingredients, mesh tape and mastic
fit for only occasional use, be sure to model in place as it will set quickly
test with any textural passage from Proust
or by chewing over Kierkegaard’s dried and dusty grain

Day project
recast the whole damned story in light relief and rendered fat
re-guild in its own mettle and encase in convenience tales
brought to mortality’s climax like prunes to the brink of petrification
then reconstituted in a pickling pot

For extra credit plot the period of time governing a grease moth’s travels here
and describe the flight from cheek to chin to eyelid
as subtractive essay in industrial pigment on rice paper, noting
That the moth can never escape the page, even as it’s folded into other shapes or
planes of bereavement or enlightenment and back again toward night, always.


(cicada gif by T. Nathan Mundhenk)



underwear hikes up,

pants ride down

Spring unnerved by a pale moon