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Month: April 2010

West, by rail or ruin

Yes- we will retread your tires this year, and outfit you in a sturdy denim and wicking socks and push you firmly out and up

Tender gently Up the avenue, the leaves of the avenue and shock of the new cold will meltĀ  into these iridescent new roadways, birds and primary colors alike will find default in the faults of early winter,

as all sympathetic traffic boxes its own flatulent timbre in a blue grainy cloud held aloft on the suburb’s minor heat,

slouching off towards the new west
and what we will find there

After 1500 miles your expression could read: drop in any mailbox
the skeptic of the single squinted hazel eye slurring along with the warped singles in the Wurlitzer and melting along with the novelty ice in
The corner booth with the greasy drink swords and other urban erratics that are only served in corner booths;

or the restroom on a midwest blustery el platform literally an alphabet-block shithouse where advice is apportioned with misshapen quotes like self mutilation;

or the footer of an obsolete text no one ever read anyway-

all hardware reduced to it’s purest form- lines, funnels and holes

so Keep your receipts, tickets stubs and polaroids

all that track, follow and stalk might instead claim your prize as their own;
and the return trip is nowhere as educational