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Month: February 2018


I wanted to make the first version of this DIY Jobo motor base with a direct drive instead of a pulley system, but couldn’t modify the lead screw shaft that came with the motor (or for that matter even couple it to the drum roller shaft) without a lathe. Continue » Jobro

Tripod remodel

Old tripod with updated hardware

Having a metal lathe is pretty sweet, even if it means having to remake all the things I made when I wished I had a lathe. The cobbled together spikes on my tripod is one such thing, made from a mix of plumbing parts and lag bolts, so I made some new ones from .75″ stainless round stock and some off-the-shelf hanger bolts. They weigh about the same as the old arrangement. Continue » Tripod remodel

Gitzo G1570M

I’ve always really liked the idea of this tripod head, but having been designed to support 15+ kilos it’s less than ideal for light weight cameras.  The side tilt is especially resistant to small adjustments,  at least on the versions I’ve had- the friction in the pivot means I go way too far the other way when trying to make small tweaks, and this usually goes back and forth for quite a few cycles before I give up and just adjust the tripod leg to level the head. But I really like the huge platform, the low profile, and the panning base which my Ries head doesn’t have. I’ve bought one of these twice now. Obviously I sold the first one, but after looking around at what else was available for a couple years I finally bought another one and decided to learn to love it. Or take it apart. Continue » Gitzo G1570M