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Month: April 2016


Where do you get your materials and parts? McMaster-Carr almost exclusively, for screws and raw materials that is. Most hardware either has to be made in the shop, or built with re-purposed stuff.  The sources for specific parts and materials are listed within the posts. I do check these links from time to time, but if the links are bad I won’t have up-to-date resources for the items.

Will you send me some plans? Other than some rough sketches on graph paper, I don’t have any. I don’t enjoy drafting so I rarely make formal drawings.

Will you at least provide some measurements? Sorry, no. Relaying accurate measurements is not a trivial task. And they are pretty much useless without a formal drawing.

Why do you publish this blog if you won’t provide more details? I maintain this blog for one reason- to help me remember how I did something in case I ever want to make another one. The diary-style format on this blog is useful for this, but it’s pretty limited as a teaching resource.

Will you make me a camera, film holders, Jobo base, etc? No, most of these projects are pretty time consuming, and there would be no way to arrive at a price that was both reasonable for you and fair to me.

Will you do custom manufacturing or repair work?  No, please support the trades and shops that are already providing these services.