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Month: May 2015

Light cork


DIY convertible darkroom window block

A cheap way to black-out windows in a multipurpose room is to make a panel out of rigid insulation and masonite- a cork essentially- which fits by friction into the window jamb and can be easily removed.  My old version is about 10 years old now and getting pretty beat up. It’s also too heavy and thick due to the masonite and 2″ foam board construction.  I thought about stepping up to a Indow Window panel, but at roughly $30 a square foot means it would cost close to $350 for my single 26 46 darkroom window. I decided instead to just make a new lighter one using 3/16″ plywood underlayment and thinner 1″ RMax foil-faced rigid insulation (polyisocyanurate) sheathing. Both materials are very lightweight- this one is 14.5 square ft overall and only weights 5 pounds. Continue » Light cork