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Month: March 2015

Kelty P1, updated

It’s been a rough year so far, but at least the frequent colds and injuries have given me more time to print and to catch up on projects while I’m recovering. I’ve make a few improvements to my 5×7 pack since the last version here.

The bag itself is great and fun to modify. Outside it’s essentially the same. Different tripod but it still attaches to the side with a compression strap at top and a leather loop hooked to a carabiner at the bottom.  It has a decent suspension and very roomy at almost 60 liters and it’s very durable. And the main compartment is full access due to full-length zipper, the main reason I bought it over three years ago. Continue » Kelty P1, updated




Another simple but important accessory. This is a very lightweight, compact, comfortable, and dark view camera focusing cloth.  Quite simple to make with a basic sewing machine in about an hour.

Continue » Darkcloth