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Month: November 2014

Carbon Transfer Printing

Reading over the tissue making part, I may have given the impression that time is the overarching expense of this process. Nothing I say in part 2 will dispel that notion. Carbon tissue is a very inexpensive process as far as material costs go, but the overall investment of time can feel a bit conspicuous.
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Carbon Transfer Tissues

 This might get long…

I print carbon only a few weekends a year, so I thought it would be worthwhile to make a visual log of the process before I forget it all. I  have a written journal for carbon stretching back to the beginning, filled with meticulous notes of every step and every change along the way.  Not surprisingly, the journal is increasingly tedious to wade through when I decide to make a few prints. So this is an attempt to digest what is working well for me at the moment into a relatively brief overview. Continue » Carbon Transfer Tissues