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Month: June 2013



Beast of burden: 4 layer color print-  cyanotype (C), inkjet (M), gum (Y) and palladium (K) on Cot320

Got some fringing in the trees and leaves from misregistration. Inkjet magenta layer was printed first, the c-type (Ware’s new cyanotype), then palladium (Ziatype) with quick size and a final PY 151 gum bichromate pass. Separations made from digital negatives. All borders masked except zia. Would really like to find an alt processes for magenta- maybe lumen print? Chrysotype? Not quite funky enough with the inkjet layer- almost looks like a straight inkjet with a fake sloppy border.

Still, not quite done with the profiling- c-type and zia curves are a bit off- you can see some magenta poking through in the neutral grays of the sidewalk. Also, I still need to figure out why I ever wanted to make such a thing.

DIY Tripod, revised


I like the new 5×7 so much it makes my current homemade tripod seem like some stone age assembly of driftwood and chicken bones. But instead of completely starting over*, I thought I would mill down my old ash tripod to pare off a little weight and girth.  I’ve been trying to think of the best way to implement these cam lever locks into a 3-stage leg design ever since I stumbled across Dick Streff’s ingenious tripod 10 years ago-
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