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Category: FAQ


Where do you get your materials and parts for these projects? McMaster-Carr for screws and raw materials. Most hardware either has to be made in the shop, or built with re-purposed stuff.  The sources for specific parts and materials are listed within the posts. I rarely check these links, so if a supplier is long gone I won’t have other sources.

Will you send me some plans? Other than some rough sketches I don’t have any. I don’t enjoy drafting so I rarely make formal drawings.

Will you at least provide some measurements? No, relaying accurate measurements is not a trivial task. Anyway, measurements are pretty much useless without a formal drawing.

Why do you publish this DIY blog if you won’t provide more details? The entries on this site are project diaries, not how-to articles. I write these to help me remember how and why I did something in case I ever want to make an improved version.  The diary-style format on this blog is useful for this, but it’s rather limited as a teaching resource.

Will you make me a camera, film holders, Jobo motor base, etc? No, most of these projects are very time consuming. There would be no way to arrive at a price that was both fair to me and reasonable to you.

Will you do custom manufacturing or repair work?  No, there are reputable shops that are already providing these services.

I don’t have any power tools, is there any way to make a large format camera/ film holder/ etc. from basic hand tools? Large format photo gear is pretty straightforward stuff.  The designs can vary enough to accommodate almost any skill- or tool set. A pin hole camera can be made from shoe box,  a film holder from poster board and glue, etc. Some highly refined work with very close tolerances can be achieved with good quality files, planes, and hand saws. Only you get to decide what’s possible in your circumstances.

What paper do you use for _____  process?  I buy paper in bulk, so I have some pretty old stock and won’t know which current batches are suitable for which processes. The last batch of paper I bought was in 2015.  For current info ask around the alt-printing forums.

 To ask a specific question not covered above, send me a message here.