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‘Bespoke’ Pedals

I have a drive problem

As fetish objects go, guitar pedals are relatively inexpensive. I tend to buy used gear. I thought that making my own pedals would lower costs even further but not really. Unless buying in bulk, high quality capacitors and resistors really add up, no to mention the labor to design the enclosure and assemble. Still, it’s great fun and not bank-breaking, which are reasonable measures of any hobby. And you can save a lot of money over buying rare effect units or those with a long waiting list, like the King of Tone from Analogman.


Since I already have all the parts and upgrades from my Squire, I decided to make a new Telecaster body and neck. I had a Gretsch semi-hollowbody for a while and miss it, so decided to make a chambered Thinline version.

St Vincent

The last guitar project was so much fun I made another. I really like the design by St Vincent (Annie Clark). It has a Jetsons vibe that’s both forward and backward. Can’t think of much I would change about it, except maybe the order of the control placement.


October 3, 2021

Haven’t been using the shop for much of anything lately, so starting a guitar project. I tend towards Fenders, but not interested in making a replica of anything. There are elements about the Jazzmaster, Telecaster, and Toronado that I like, so decided to bastardize all three.

Quick, dirty

Just bought my first lens in about 5 years. And what a beast it is, the shutter fairly dwarfs a Copal 3. It just arrived today, and while opening the box I remembered that I dismantled my crappy drill press for that studio stand mock-up,  and now I have no quick way to bore a lensboard.